The brilliant facilities for innovation, the location in central Denmark and the common mindset that ‘we love food’ are just some of the reasons why we placed our office just here.

We place a very strong focus on all kinds of innovation, as can be seen with our ‘I Love Green’ line of one-hand snacking products. We’re constantly on the look-out for new ways to consume veggies and introduce novel ideas to the sector. At the same time, we try to keep our products simple, convenient and tasty.

Craftsmanship and innovation originate in some kind of market failure. Here, our ability to see a shortage and a tendency in the market can be the starting point for developing new products and concepts. Our task is to find the context so that we, together with the customer, get things to succeed.

We work with innovation in eyelevel – in close collaboration with customers and reality.
We arrange workshops and play with relevant themes such as food trends, packaging, taste, safety, sustainability, health. We arrange mini fairs and business development events. Call us to learn more.

The time from a trend emerges until it matures is shorter than ever. It challenges growers, industry and retail on important parameters: Production, flexibility, communication and innovation. Access to the market is wider and the consumers act faster. It’s about keeping yourself informed and seeing how the first movers react. It’s about insight and vision. And it’s about how responding to the trends can make a difference – if you hit right, with the right communication, with the right packaging and right on time… Read more about trends here.